January 19-21, 2024 @ The NEST

Thanks to everyone who made the premiere run of, “That Was Then” so successful!

What the audience said…

Absolutely amazing work! I teared up more than once, and saw myself and the women in my life in so many of the scenes.

The story resonated with all of us on many levels and beautifully captured some universal and modern themes. Wonderful composition, musicality and lyrics sung with sweet melodious voices along with your compelling piano score and accompaniment.

I really really liked that you included healthy lesbian interest / relationships, and female sexual energy / attraction.

That was sooo beautiful, emotion-packed, touching and the songs are ear worms!

I so loved [That Was Then]. Genuine and heartfelt, funny, beautifully structured. Music was so moving – the guy beside me was weeping as were the ladies behind me.

All the hairs on my arms raised up in the first song…

Stop wanting to turn back the clock and stop time, stop thinking we once had it all…Four women, three generations…”That Was Then” tells the stories of life-long friends, Emily and Sarah, while they navigate their changing lives…an emotional, open look at the relationships between mothers, and daughters, and the people who love them.

January 19-21, 2024* at The NEST (1398 Cartwright Street, 3rd floor) on Granville Island, Vancouver BC; the January 20th performances were filmed by Collide Entertainment – the video will be posted some time in February 2024…check back soon!