Updated: JULY 27th, 2021

  • UPCOMING: Livestream – New Recording – House Concert
    I’m thrilled to be back in action!! Life as I love to live it began on July 8th with a performance at Guilt & Co. in Gastown to a packed room of loyal fans…what a phenomenal night! August kicks off with a YouTube livestream concert on the 4th for my friend Dawn Boudreau’s birthday, with a band (I’m playing percussion) AND an audience! Check out @Dawn Boudreau Musician on Facebook. September holds both a recording session up in Kelowna with some of the musicians I met last year and a house concert. After that, I’m hoping to start working on a green-screen video for an old song of mine called, “Stuck In the Wrong Lane” and of course by then, I should have some more live shows to announce. SEE YOU SOON!
  • Thanks to everyone who came to GUILT & COMPANY, JULY 8th, 2021. I don’t have words for how great it was to be in that room that night. Let’s do it again soon!!
  • CD COMPILATION NOW AVAILABLE: “Somebody Else Take the Wheel”, is now available for download and streaming on all your favourite platforms – get the full list with links on the Recordings & Video page, where you will also find printable versions of the front and back covers as well as SCORES (for purchase using PayPal) for all 12 recordings included on “Somebody Else Take the Wheel”. Perhaps learning to play the piano has been your COVID hobby and you need some new music to practise?
  • Check out my newest video recorded @ Frequency Winery in October 2019! They “create wines by infusing them with Harmonic Sound Frequencies and Good Vibes”…I wonder what Kate MacColl infused wine will taste like!
  • My time in Kelowna from 2019-2020 was fantastic and filled with playing music! There are so many supportive venues that feature (and pay to have) live music, and the community of musicians is amazing. Many thanks to: the Kelowna Arts Council and the Marmalade Cat Cafe for the live music series they host and support financially, Amanda at the former Vibes Bar & Grill for booking my weekly Happy Hour, Dan Tait and DunnEnzies for creating and fostering a vibrant performing songwriter community through virtually nightly live music, Jeff Piattelli and O’Flannigan’s for bringing me in so regularly to play, and of course, all the wineries I played at (Vibrant Vines, The Back Door, Frequency, and many more). I am excited to return soon!
  • Many thanks to Elektra Women’s Choir for their stunning second performance of my commissioned arrangement of, “Little Green”, written by Joni Mitchell on March 9th, 2019…the concert’s title – When The Spring Is Born – is, in fact, taken from a lyric in this heart-wrenching song. The arrangement was premiered by Elektra at a concert to mark the VSO’s 100th anniversary on January 28th, 2019. Thank you to Morna Edmundson, artistic director, for her continued support of my work, and of the women composers and arrangers featured exclusively for this concert, programmed in celebration of International Women’s Day. PLANS FOR PUBLISHING THIS ARRANGEMENT ARE IN PROGRESS…STAY TUNED!!
  • Hard to believe it was more than two years ago on January 27th, 2019, that Kaja Tecza, Allegra Wright and I performed “Drive, Drive” from my musical, “This Is Now”, at the standing room only 15th Annual OVATION! Awards. Congratulations to all nominees (which included Allegra for her performance in TIN!) and winners and to Scott Ashton Swan, who tirelessly produces this event year after year to promote Musical Theatre in the Lower Mainland. And if you haven’t watched the show yet or you want to watch it again, please visit the “This Is Now” page on this site. WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON A SEQUEL CALLED “THAT WAS THEN”…STAY TUNED!!