Kate’s arrangements have been performed at many schools around the Greater Vancouver area (Crofton House, Mulgrave, Carson Graham, York House) as well as by Elektra and other women’s choirs around the world thanks to publishing deals with Cypress Choral Music (Vancouver, BC) and Alfred Music Publishing (USA).

“Changed Forever” is available exclusively through Cypress Choral Music (Vancouver, BC); written by legendary Canadian songwriter, Shari Ulrich, Elektra’s recording of this arrangement is on their 25th anniversary CD, “Pure Elektra” (2012), available through the Elektra website and iTunes.

Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game” is available through Alfred Music Publishing (USA); Elektra’s recording of the arrangement is available as a single on iTunes and on Elektra’s full length CD, “All My Heart Is Listening” (2014), available through the Elektra website and iTunes.

“Little Green”, also by Joni Mitchell, was commissioned by Elektra in 2018 and was premiered at the VSO’s 100th Anniversary celebration concert on January 28th, 2019…it is featured on Elektra’s most recent album, “Fire Flowers” (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube). Publication of this arrangement has been held up for several years now due to the change of print rights holder for Joni Mitchell’s catalogue, but Kate has not given up yet! In the meantime, if you’re interested in performing this piece with your women’s ensemble, please contact Kate directly for more information: kate [@]

All other arrangements are self-published: $35 CDN per ensemble performing the piece; price includes reference recording if available. Key changes may be possible, depending on voice ranges; Kate is also available to transcribe or arrange on a commission basis – contact her directly to discuss custom arrangements for your choral group.

Click on the links below for printed score and recorded excerpts; secure payments are made through PayPal.

TCG cover scanMarch 2014: Alfred Music released Kate MacColl’s treble voice arrangement of Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game” in time for its performance at the ACDA Regional Conference (Seattle, WA) by Elektra Women’s Choir.  Scores are available through local music retailers now; the recording is currently available as a single on iTunes and has been released on Elektra’s newest full length CD, “All My Heart Is Listening”. Order the score from Alfred Music. Originally created for Vancouver’s Elektra, this concert arrangement features a soloist as it weaves the melody through every section in the ensemble. Multiple key changes add to the musicality of this delightful setting of a Joni Mitchell favorite. The score can also be ordered from J.W. Pepper — click here.
This original composition has been arranged to feature your school choir, 1-3 soloists, and a smaller select group able to take on the additional challenge of learning a 3-part descant harmony part for the last chorus. The simple pop song style means you can teach your choir this crowd-pleasing, upbeat song in just a few classes – perfect for award or year-end ceremonies and all ages of students, “Counting the Ways” is sure to become one of your students’ favourite songs. Recorded piano accompaniment available / $20 per CD (from the bridge to the end) (v2 to the chorus)
Counting the Ways
This incredibly romantic song is written in the style of a classic jazz ballad by Sam Masich, and while the arrangement was intended for an SSAB a cappella group, the men’s part could just as easily be played by an upright or electric bass in order to accompany a female group. The vocal ranges will suit many levels of choirs, and the beautiful melody and bittersweet lyrics will stay with your singers and audiences long after the song has been sung. (opening to beginning of v2) (middle of vocalise section to repeat of B section)  
Almost Didn’t Think of You Today


A beautiful song by legendary Canadian singer, songwriter, film composer Shari Ulrich; this a cappella arrangement is for 3-part women’s choir, and was premiered by the world-renowned Elektra Women’s Choir at their April 2010 concert, “Canadian Voices”. “Changed Forever” has since gone international, with women’s choirs from the States being the first to order this piece. Morna Edmundson, artistic director of Elektra, chose “Changed Forever” to be part of the Elektra Women’s Choir Series announced by Cypress at the 2014 Podium Choral Conference in Halifax, NS. Ranges (in the key of A flat)
S1: A flat 3 (doubled in S2 & A) to E flat 5 S2: A flat 3 (doubled in S1 & A) to C 5
A: A flat 3 to E flat 5 Changed Forever now available exclusively through Cypress Choral Music; also available in SATB  
Brooklyn-based performing songwriter Jonathan Coulton was kind enough to give Kate not only his blessing, but also his masters from a recording session, to create a transcription of his song, “When You Go”. She stayed as true to his performance as possible – aside from changing the key so that it could be sung by a mixed choir – but if you have a high school or adult group ready for a challenge, they will enjoy learning this a cappella love song. (verse 1 to 1st chorus) (2nd chorus and bridge)
When You Go

Available for SSAB or SSA This is an atmospheric choral setting of the text from one of the popular war songs of 1915, “I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier,” by lyricist Alfred Bryan and composer Al Piantadosi. This a cappella piece features a soloist and is best-suited to large choirs or very confident smaller groups, and you must have singers in the baritone range for the SSAB arrangement. Recording not available.