We’ve Reached Our Stop

Words: Kate MacColl / Music: Kelly Pettit and Kate MacColl © 1994

She crawled on the bus and took the seat across from me, looked me
Straight into the eye and asked, “Excuse me, Miss, what day is it?”
She was stoned and it was plain her face had met a fist
I wanted to shout, “Woman, there’s a better life,” but I just said,
“It’s Friday”…and then we reached her stop

A kid was telling friends about a murder he’d seen in the park last night
While he was making pocket change by selling drugs
“The guy had had his head blown off and, man! It was so cool,” I cried,
“Hey, somebody’s dead, it’s not some movie,” but they just laughed
at me…and then we reached their stop

I’m clinging to my hope, my only life raft in this sea of hate and
We forgot to teach the children love, I’m thinking it might be too late
Some call it progress ‘cause we’ve come through all this shit but if you
Take a closer look, you’ll see we’re not getting anywhere…we’ve reached our stop

I know I’ve got rights and I’ve got choices, like guns, divorce, abortion
I’ve got options, like quitting, killing, turn the other cheek
And we’re afraid to use our voices, we’re afraid to see and feel
I’m afraid my fear has got me terrified…I’ve reached my stop